The Casa de la Mujer Artesana

The Casa de la Mujer Artesana (Women Artisans Center), a long-held dream of Movimiento Manuela Ramos, was created on June 4, 1993, with the support of the Belgian cooperation agency FOS.  Its purpose is to contribute to the improvement of women artisans’ lives as well as to stimulate consumption and appreciation of Peruvian handicrafts produced by women.

At present, La Casa de la Mujer Artesana is dedicated to marketing and articulating with the market of women artisans’ products.  It organizes and participates in national and international fairs; and it responds to exporting and other business companies with quality products.

Project “Puno women artisans improve their quality of life”

In October 2010, Movimiento Manuela Ramos (Peru) and Economists without Borders (Spain) signed a cooperation agreement with the economic support of Fundación Obra Social La Caixa from Spain, to execute a project targeting women living in a situation of poverty in rural and peri-urban areas of Puno, Peru. At the end of the three year project, it expects that 900 women and their families will improve their quality of life, by strengthening their productive and organizational capacities, articulated t

“Women exporting to the world”

Movimiento Manuela Ramos started its new project in Puno “Acces and improvment of the economic income of quechua and aymara women artisans in Puno”, funded by the European Union. Coordination with authorities in the project’s intervention zone started immediately in order to convene women’s organizations that want to develop their capacities and skills in handicrafts, with the aim of generating income that will allow them to improve their quality of life as well as that of their families.

The objective of the Project is: To make visible and strengthen the economic participation of rural women in Puno with a gender perspective, through the preparation of sustainable product development initiatives for export in order to reinforce women artisans’ social protection and employment.

Project “More opportunities for women artisans from Puno”

Movimiento Manuela Ramos and Economistas sin Fronteras have been executing since May 13 of this year, a new Project in Puno, with financial resources from the Health and Social Welfare Advisory Board – Castilla La Mancha Governing Board, Spain.

The purpose of the Project is to promote access and improvement in the economic income of 270 women artisans living in rural and peri-urban areas in the provinces of Puno, Lampa and San Roman in the Puno department.

Through an integral development approach, the Project will make visible the economic participation of women artisans in Puno.  For this purpose, it will carry out several activities, such as internships, meetings, participation in fairs, training workshops in productive techniques, personal development, business and organizational management, thus strengthening their organizations and their economic participation, trying to improve their living conditions.  It will also grant solidarity loans through the Credimujer program that Manuela Ramos executes in Puno and it will strengthen the Casa de la Mujer Artesana, an institutional project that looks for local, tourist and international markets for products made by this group of women.


The department of Puno, located in the southern highlands of Peru, has been denominated the “Folklore Capital of Peru” due to the wealth of its artistic and cultural expressions.  It is also well known for its hand-knitted and hand-embroidered handicrafts.

Puno has interesting archeological sites of the Pre-Inca cultures and old cities founded by the Spaniards, where architectonic jewels and colonial art can be appreciated.  Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake of the world, is located at 3,860 MASL, with landscapes of indescribable beauty.

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Movimiento Manuela Ramos is a feminist institution that aims at contributing to human development and the consolidation of democracy with gender equality through women’s empowerment.

It considers that access to human resources and social justice is an inalienable human right.


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